383 Children Cured of Clubfoot since January!

Clubfoot Treatment

While many children here in Canada and the USA are excited to start the new school year this September, some children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are excited for a whole other reason!

For a couple of years now, BASE has partnered with the Christian Blind Mission to help children with clubfoot. Since January, 383 children have been treated and are now able to live without this debilitating disease.

We’re sharing a couple of stories here today (they have not been editedfrom original submission for authenticity’s sake, so please overlook any grammatical mistakes as English is not their first language).

We encourage any company or individual that can help to do so! Contact us at info@baseng.com and we will put you in touch with our contact at the Christian Blind Mission.

Thanks everyone, and Happy September!

Kasereka Muloveria Kavugho Kayovya