BASE Engineering’s BASEstation is an On Board Computer designed specifically for petroleum delivery fleets. Our truck mounted computer and back office connection were designed and built by people with 33 years’ experience in fuel delivery automation and control. We Speak Truck!

  • Complete Asset Management
  • Reliable interface with all truck systems
  • Complete product reconcilation between fuel loaded and delivered
  • Real-time communication between truck and back office systems


Explosion Proof Enclosure

Explosion Proof Receiver/Controller Enclosures

Introducing the BASE Engineering Explosion-proof EX d Enclosure, the latest addition to our portfolio of electrical products for OEM applications. Featuring an optimized design and fast lead times for BASE OEMs, our EX d Enclosures are available in several standard sizes with optional conduit and device drilling and tapping.

BASE Engineering’s electrical receiver/controller units must be mounted in a non-hazardous location unless they are installed in a properly rated Explosion Proof Enclosure.



ProControl3 Integrated Fuel Delivery System

BASE Engineering’s new ProControl3 Integrated Fuel Delivery System – another exceptional remote control system that can do everything an on-board computer can do, plus more!

Includes all of BASE’s patented remote truck functions and Emergency Stop – complying with DOT 49CFR and CSA B620 requirements for ‘off truck remote emergency stop’ on LPG delivery trucks.


Wireless Hose Reel Control

Wireless Hose Reel Control

Wireless Hose Reel Control / Radio Remote Control systems are available for all hose reel Unwind and Rewind operations. Electronic interlock prevents accidental polarity reversal.  Weatherproof, pre-wired solenoid relay enclosures are available for all BASE radio systems and electric voltages.


Industrial Wireless Controls

Crane Service Truck Electric or Hydraulic Radio Remote Controls

Radio remote controlled Service Cranes greatly increase job site safety by providing the operator the safest vantage point for tank delivery.  One-man control eliminates a second person instructing the operator where to position the tank.  Operator has freedom of movement around entire worksite while setting tank precisely into position.


Emergency Shutdown

ASK Fixed Location & Wireless Emergency Shutdown

Our combination wireless and fixed location E-Stop / emergency shutdown systems were developed to eliminate costly hard wiring of multiple fixed location emergency stop switches. Any number of wireless remote E-Stop switches can be installed within the plant facility and communicate with one receiver/controller unit. 

These systems will work in conjunction with existing, hard-wired, manual E-Stop switches and plant safety controls. Operator worn E-Stop remotes can also be added to these systems.


Truck Theft Prevention

Driver Authorization System

BASE Engineering’s Driver Authorization System is designed specifically for Bulk Fuel Delivery Trucks. The system focuses on truck theft prevention by stopping unauthorized vehicle driveaway, with or without engine running.


Wireless Deadman

Wireless Deadman Series

Our Wireless Deadman System utilizes spread spectrum, frequency-hopping radio technology that virtually eliminates interference-related signal loss. Up to four functions can be specified providing hose-end control to the deadman valve, hose reel, PTO, engine RPM, pump, and other truck equipment.

ASKW series

Up to 8 channels of bulletproof control. The industry standard in petrochemical applications including propane bobtails and refined fuel trucks. Range up to 1000 feet and battery life over 300 hours continuous transmission. Complies with US and Canadian DOT requirements for “Off Truck Remote Shut Off”.

Can be ATEX Zone 0 Approved – ATEX Rated Wireless Controls.



BASElink Wireless Data Transmission

BASElink Data Transmission modules allow wireless RS232 communication between control systems. With operating ranges over 1000 ft (300 m) these rugged radios eliminate hard wired cables and connectors.