BASE Engineering’s BASEstation is an On Board Computer designed specifically for petroleum delivery fleets. Our truck mounted computer and back office connection were designed and built by people with 33 years’ experience in fuel delivery automation and control. We Speak Truck!

  • Complete Asset Management
  • Reliable interface with all truck systems
  • Complete product reconcilation between fuel loaded and delivered
  • Real-time communication between truck and back office systems



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The end of a transfer hose, bunkering a ship, or refueling a transport truck is no place for an expensive handheld computer. Leaving it in the cab attached to a charging cradle also defeats the purpose. The display screen is small and the keypad is difficult to use. We thought it made sense to use a ‘real’ Windows based cab-mounted computer with a large screen and glove friendly keypad.


BASEstation on board computer is a water resistant1, 2 WinCE device that is equipped with color Touchscreen display, Compact Flash, smart card/magnetic card readers and USB host/device port. Application software can be custom-designed making it adaptable to a wide variety of applications. It has an optional internal wireless modem for HSPA or EVDO