Driver Authorization System

Driver Authorization System


BASE Engineering’s Driver Authorization System is designed specifically for Bulk Fuel Delivery Trucks. The system focuses on truck theft prevention by stopping unauthorized vehicle driveaway, with or without engine running.



  • Keypad Unit with hidden enclosure screws
  • Sealed parking brake low pressure switch with DOT quick connect T fitting
  • Sealed engine kill relay
  • Installation guide
  • Components are pre-wired with quick connect electrical and air line fittings supplied. Trucks with existing parking brake air pressure switches  and engine kill relays, (radio shut down systems) may be able to use some  of these components. Contact BASE to confirm.


Model DAS1000IGN   Prevents unauthorized engine start. System is armed automatically each time the key is turned off. Entry of correct user code disarms system and allows engine to be started. Used on all types of vehicles and equipment.

Model DAS1000AT Prevents unauthorized vehicle movement on vehicles with automatic transmissions. System arms automatically when shifting transmission into park. Shifting the vehicle into drive without entering a valid user ID causes engine to stall. Entry of correct code disarms system and allows engine start. Well suited for any vehicle that needs to be left unattended with engine running.

Model DAS1000AB  Same as above but system is armed with application of truck parking brake. Requires that vehicle be equipped with air brakes. Releasing the parking brake without entering a valid ID code will cause the engine to stall. Entering  a valid ID code disarms the system and allows engine start. Well suited for large trucks with air brakes and engines that need to be left running while the vehicle is unattended.

Model DAS1000ABT Similar to above but designed for tractor trailer units with a dedicated trailer parking brake. System is armed with application of tractor or trailer parking brake. Prevents deliberate bypass of authorization system by drivers using trailer brakes verses tractor brakes to park vehicle (see above).  Attempting to bypass, disable, or damage any BASE Driver Authorization System will cause the ignition to lock out until repairs are made and a valid code entered.



  • SYSTEM TYPE Low powered microcomputer controlled  Ignition Lock-Out system
  • CONSTRUCTION Sealed cast aluminum enclosure, stainless mounting hardware
  • POWER CONNECTIONS 12V  and Ground
  • SYSTEM ACTIVATION Air switch park brake interlock
  • LOCK-OUT METHOD Truck engine kill with park brake release
  • KEYPAD LOCATION Compact unit can be installed anywhere for convenient  day to day use
  • OPERATOR SET-UP Programmable personal authorization code (3-9 digits)
  • INDICATOR LIGHTS RED Armed indicator and GREEN disarmed indicator