Propane, while extremely useful for everyday life, can also be quite dangerous. It is extremely flammable, and if it escapes the holding tank (thereby turning from liquid to gas) the potential disaster zone increases exponentially. In response to this fact and unfortunate past explosions, the DOT passed a law requiring every LPG delivery truck and driver have access to a wireless remote control Emergency Shutdown device. In the event of an emergency, the driver could run away from the truck while using the handheld to shut everything down and prevent a sizeable explosion.

BASE Engineering not only designs and manufactures these radio remote controls, but we’re also one of the only companies producing ATEX rated wireless controls – to the non-industry folk, that means they’re wireless controls for explosive environments. More details about that here.(link)

But why stop there? If we could shut the truck down, what else could we do? The process started with customers requesting things like Wireless Hose Reel controlWireless PTO control, and a Query/timed safety feature and has evolved into over 50 options. We’re able to control, and even automate with the use of an on board computer, most aspects of the fuel delivery process.

Our remote controls for fuel trucks increase fuel delivery efficiency, and most importantly safety. By keeping the delivery trucks and drivers safe, we keep your families safe too.