Our Story

"We Speak Truck" is a term we use to describe who we are as a company. Our crew is made up of Oil & Gas industry professionals. We have fleet managers, tank-truck builders, specialists in explosion proof electronic design, fuel delivery measurement, and back office software professionals who have driven tank trucks, pulled hoses, and delivered everything from jet fuel to propane. Together we've been managing, designing, building, and supporting these activities for the Oil & Gas industry for many years - our passion and capabilities run as deep as these three words imply. 
It's an honor and privilege to serve our industry. 

- Steve Belyea
President & CEO
BASE Engineering Inc.



We are a close knit team that does things right. In all we do we are driven to do the right thing.

We take our responsibility seriously as we are delivering vital services into the market place.

We take pride in innovation and being on the cutting edge.

We revel in the positive experience of our customers and exceeding their expectation int he vital services we provide to help them grow.

We deliver.

We are proud of our New Brunswick roots and taking our uniqueness to the world.




For over 42 years Marshall Excelsior Company has been a progressive manufacturer of top quality and competitively priced LPG & NH3 equipment that is leading the industry in innovation and low emission products.


100 years of base

Our story begins in 1933. Our president’s Grandfather built one of the first ‘high tech’ fuel delivery trucks in Canada with multi compartments, emergency valves, a tank gauge, pump, and hose reel.

In 1980 our company president operated and maintained an aircraft refueling truck in Canada’s frigid North and by 1993 he had patented a computer controlled additive injection system for a fleet of 500 fuel delivery trucks. In 1995 he engineered the first fuel delivery ‘smart trucks’ in North America. This fleet used a military issue ‘hardened’ laptop custom designed to withstand the harsh environment of fuel delivery.

This ‘on-board’ computer interfaced to an electronic register and also to the trucks additive injection system. An electronic driver log (EOBR) and connection to the trucks engine, brakes, speedometer, and odometer fed driver behavior, chassis telematics, and customer delivery data to the back office via satellite (real-time).

BASE Engineering was founded in 1996 to further develop technology that would improve the safety and productivity of today’s fuel delivery fleets.

BASEstation is the direct result of 33 years’ experience and over 100,000 of our control systems fitted to tank trucks around the world. This is our passion – We Speak Truck!

BASE Engineering was featured in a video produced by Hemmings House Pictures in Saint John, Canada. This company profile was shown to an audience prior to BASE's win as NB Exporter of the Year 2014.